5 Ways to Make Your Move Much Easier

The disruption in routine, boxes everywhere, packing and unpacking your life—there’s no question why moving is a top stress factor. Even if it’s an exciting move, and you’re making an upgrade to your current living situation, that doesn’t mean there’s any less work involved. Make moving day easier on yourself and everyone involved by taking these five steps.

  1. Make a Checklist

Even if you’re not a checklist type of person, in the case of moving, writing down what needs to be done and packed can be extremely helpful. By jotting down all the to-dos swirling around in your head, you’ll at the very least be able to reduce some mental burden. This can allow you to refocus that energy on the actual move. Think through every detail of the move. The earlier you plan the better. What needs to be done by when and what items can absolutely not be forgotten? A checklist will put your mind at ease and reinforce to yourself the importance of each task.

  1. Choose the Right Movers

If you have the option of hiring movers, be mindful of who you pick. First, ask your friends, family and neighbors if they have any recommendations. Since they may have experienced moving services first hand, you can trust that they are providing a reliable referral. If you don’t know anyone who’s directly hired movers, your next best resource is to research reviews on moving companies. See what others have to say about the services they were provided. Evaluate the cost and fees different moving companies have. Before moving, get potential movers to do a walkthrough of your home and provide an estimate, that way you can avoid any unexpected costs.

  1. Map Your Route

You’ll want to map out the most ideal route to your new home as well as how you’ll get everything into the house. If you’re driving your own moving truck, pick a road that’ll be the least congested and most stable (e.g., the one with the fewest potholes). Anticipate any road construction that can stop the momentum of your move. Once you get to your new home, map out a plan of how you’ll get large items, like the couch and mattress, in without nixing any corners or walls.

  1. Pick an Optimal Moving Day

If you plan ahead, you can have better control over when you move. Pick a day that works for you. Perhaps your busiest days at work are Tuesdays, try to pick a moving date around that day so you don’t pile on unnecessary stress. Also, think about when there will be the least traffic out. Avoid rush hour times and busy holiday weekends if possible. That way, you don’t have to site in traffic with all of your belongings packed up in the car.

  1. Transfer Utilities and Services Over

With all the moving parts that go on in a move, you may forget about the essentials like utilities, mail, internet and cable tv. To avoid a nightmare once you settle in, deal with transferring these services beforehand. Call your home internet and cable service provider in advance of the move to ensure that your tv show schedule won’t be interrupted. With new season premiers beginning this fall you won’t want to miss a thing. Providers like Cox offer a great bundle so you can take care of your internet and cable tv at the same time.

Change your address at the post office before the move so that your mail can continue to be delivered without any stops. Last, inform your water and electricity companies of your move. If they don’t serve your new area, find a provider that does and set the start date for those services by the time you move in.

The daunting stress that looms during a move can be reduced. By taking proactive actions to ensure a smooth move, you can make it an easier process and moving day something to look forward to.

Written by Top TradeFairs