Top 5 Things to Look in a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent

Everyone has a different experience when they are in the process of selling or buying a house. Your experience during the whole process depends entirely on one small thing. It entirely depends how good or experienced your real estate agent is in his field. To make sure that you have a great experience, we have created a list that can help you. In this post, we will help you in choosing the correct real estate agent to save you from getting scammed.

The real estate business is one of the most thriving and profitable business out there. Some so many people leave their jobs to start a real estate agency. They jump right in the market without any proper training or knowledge about the business. If you accidentally land on one of those, then your experience is probably not going to be the best.

Top 10 Things to Look in a Real Estate Agent

Given below are the top 10 things you should look in a real estate agent when buying or selling a property:

1. The experience does not always mean everything

Even though experience is what gets the job done smoothly most of the times but, it does not always matter. You must make sure that the person is working for you and not for the commission. Well, it is obvious that his commission will matter to him. But, that must not be his only goal. Providing you with high quality and authentic services must also be a part of his goals. So, do not choose a real estate agent solely based on his experience. You must hire someone who is willing to provide you with the best results within your budget. Before hiring ask yourself if that agent has your best interest at heart.

2. Ask your agent about his area

There are two main types of real estate agents in the field such as neighbourhood experts and state experts. Neighbourhood experts are those who have good knowledge about the best properties in a specific neighbourhood. The latter is the one who is aware of the top best properties around the whole state. You must steer clear of both clich√© types. You have to look for an agent who lies right in between them. That is because a neighbourhood expert will quite frankly force you to deal in a specific neighbourhood. He will keep your choices limited even if they are not benefiting you. On the other hand, the saying “jack of all trades but master of none” perfectly fits the state experts. You should find an agent who can offer you the best properties within the neighbourhood and the areas surrounding it.

3. Strong negotiation skills are a must

Your real estate agent may be the most reliable person on the planet but, he is of no use unless he is a good negotiator. Your real estate agent acts as your representative in front of the other party. The main job of a real estate agent is to get the best property or deal for their client as quickly as possible. For that purpose, the real estate agent must have strong negotiation skills. He must know how to properly play with his words to get you the best deal in a short time.

4. Your real estate agent must be creative

You might have heard of the phrase “creativity sells.” This phrase is also relevant in the profession of real estate. You must avoid those real estate agents whose main strategy is to post and pray. This strategy means putting up a “for sale” outside your property and hoping for the best. If you need the best results in a short amount of time, then look for creative agents. Each house is different hence, should be sold by using a different strategy. Your real estate agent must come up with creative ways to market your properties.

5. The reputation says it all

The reputation of your real estate agent and his agency matters. There is a reason why they have the reputation that they have. For this purpose, you need to dive into their customer reviews. If five people say that they had a bad experience with them, then drop them. Two to three bad reviews are acceptable because accidents and mishaps happen. However, five bad experiences are not to be ignored. This tactic will keep you safe from being scammed.

If the real estate agent checks off most of the traits mentioned in the list, then hire him instantly. However, if he checks off every single point, then you have hit the jackpot. Keep this list in mind when you go looking for a real estate agent for a smooth experience.

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