5 Great Tips To Earn More In The Real Estate Photography Industry

Is it possible to make money in the real estate photography industry? The short answer is “Yes,” it is certainly possible to make money with real estate photography and live on it. The long answer is “yes, but it depends on how you approach it.”

The main problem of people trying to earn money with photography and not getting it is because of an error in their approach, rather than a lack of quality of their product.

This is because there is a lot of offer in the sector, and to make money with it, you must get visibility among others, or you will stay in no man’s land, where you may earn some money, but not enough to be your way of life.

Obviously, the more money can be earned in a sector, the more competitive it will be, but this does not mean it is impossible; it will be enough to have a good strategy and some patience. In this post, I will explain the top 5 tips to earn more in the real estate photography industry.

Note:  According to the report of the US Realtor, you will find mainly three kinds of Real estate photography – Commercial, Residential, and Architectural. All photography in Real estate brings excellent earnings. Another report explains quality photography is real estate is the well-paid platform on the market to earn a few more bucks.

Top 5 tips to earn more in real estate photography:

There is almost ninety percent (90%) of customers researched online during their home buying procedure, and fifty-eight percent (58%) purchased their house through online – According to the report of National Association of Realtors (NAR).

The real estate business online is mostly depending on photography. It gives the actual value of the estate and increases sell. But you need to know the proper photography tips in real estate field.  Let’s see the sure fire tips to earn a few more bucks in the real estate photography.  

1. Start with a unique style:

First of all, you need to take the right decision about photography career. Will you want to do real estate photography as a hobby? Or Are you in this field for the long run as a professional? Well, it is significant to make the right decision before starting your career as a real estate photographer to earn money.

You need to start your journey in this platform in your own style. Do online researches, know your competition, see portfolios as well as investigate how you could do exceptionally well.  

Always try to learn and do an experiment in different angles that help you to become a Professional Photographer.  Another very significant thing is to have in photography is patience. You will get your unique style by investing time and photo shooting.

According to a professional photographer (Gregory Heisler), today what people want is a career in photography who has a vision. Not a style or genre, such as a skill, but a vision. 

Note: According to a famous saying, “you could learn through mistake. So discover your own style and never be stop to make a mistake that can help you to learn a lot.”

2. Make consumer expertise:

Now you should make your professional website with some of your sample photography & contact information. This site in the real estate field is essential to acquaint yourself to the potential customers. First of all, you could begin with a free website.

But you need to ensure that it has a professional gallery with large photos so that you can display your proficiency.  

You need to update your website regularly because your service and experience will grow accordingly, that makes you more skilled. 

Note: You should have a good plan for the process of your photography in real estate. Don’t worry about your original photography; just start capturing photos, build your experience, and keep it up. 

3. Clarify your charges:

You need to set your fees for your services because you have turned professional. Now you should review your competitor and compare your services to them. It is wise to charge five percent (5%) extra than others in the same platform.

Why? Because fees have a way of making respect. It is evident that you need to make the quality photographs for that price-tag. Also, it is good to fix the extra per image cost.

4. Never invest too much on equipment:

So what you need to have to earn more in real estate photography? A high-quality camera, tripod, right lens, a few filters, or maybe a diffuser. Another significant thing you need to have is imaging software. However, you will find many free tools at the starting of your photography journey.

If you have the necessary high-quality equipment, you can get experience, make a portfolio, earn referrals, and mark yourself as an expert. So start to invest in necessary tools but only when you exactly need. 

5. Better market your business:

Today it is common to all of us that online presence is a must. But is it essential to spend your total budget on a website? The answer is not! Customize your message to show your goal – your capture on real estate and ensure that news gets across.

You can do that by doing search engine optimization (SEO). Focus on getting the right consumers by emotion & turn them into leads through a compelling call to action.

Then, do a flawless job and have a strong interaction with your customers. Also, with a friendly message, and warm touch, you would not need thousands to make you a name in real estate photography.

Image Background removing service to get quality real estate photography:

Amy McGee says (Houston-based realtor-associate), “Photograph is significant. It is the most necessary dollars I invest. I invest more than nearly any realtors on my estate image that gives me faster sell.”

According to expert real estate photographer, having a high-quality photograph of your real estate property could potentially help you to earn money.”

The professional suggests that, editing photos is a great technique to get the desired picture with quality. If you do not have time to edit images or need to deliver a large within a short time, consider using image background removing service.

It is one of the most effective photos editing technique that can give your photography a professional look. Throughout this service, you can get the final product that can bring money for you. 

Note: The background removing service needs enough meticulousness & finesse. “It is same to the makeup: if it is not performed accordingly, the result can be inferior,” – warns Edouard Guibert.


Well, that wraps up top 5 real estate photography tips and strategies that bring more earnings for you. Still, there is a long way to get success. You should practice more and more to get the ultimate result.

 If you are serious about your task, spend enough time to make style and then millions will soon earn.  Will you give be giving Real Estate Photography a try? Let me know how it goes.


Author Bio:

Salim Ahmed is the founder of Graphic Experts India, an offshore graphic house for Photoshop Clipping Path services. Besides, he is a Photographer and Blogger. He likes to share tips and tricks on Photography, photo editing, and graphic design! —————————————————————

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